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Uniting hearts, fulfilling dreams...


It was a Wednesday in 1949 when Ann's parents first met. By the Saturday, they were engaged, creating a marriage that lasted over 55 years.  Who knew Ann's own whirlwind romance would tell a similar story.


Just one month after their first date, Ann and Phil were engaged, proving the old saying 'when you know... you know!'


With Ann's parents working abroad and plans for a wedding to include all the family, unlikely to happen for several years ... Ann's mum simply said - 'why wait?'


For Ann & Phil, their impending wedding plans were always more about their love and commitment to each other than the party. So on Saturday the 13th December 1975, Ann & Phil were married in a Civil Ceremony with Phil's parents present.  A simple ceremony to officiate and celebrate their love for each other.  A love that has lasted over 40 years.


Ann & Phil have two children and much happiness was shared when their son, David married his own sweetheart in 2013.


Ann reflects that her happiest moments are her memories of family and shared times of closeness. 


Ann's love for people is evident in her contribution by being a Celebrant.


'Being a Celebrant gives me the opportunity to make a difference. I'm there at the most important moments of people's lives.  I get to turn their dreams into their reality. To be around love and inspiring futures. Who wouldn't want to do that?!' 

Left: Ann & Phil's simple Civil Service wedding 1975





Right: Ann & Phil's son David who married his sweetheart Jess 2013

Right: Ann's Sister Madeleine's big family wedding 1971



Phil's Sister Kath's Wedding 1975

Left: Ann's Parents Gwyn & Guy 1949



Below & Below Left:

Phil's Parents Len & Muriel 1949                   

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